Technology and the Human Body, the Western Esoteric Path

Hawthorne Valley School 330 County Road 21C, Ghent, NY

Friday Evening, March 24, 7pm-9pm Lecture —Mankind’s Destiny with Robotics Futurologists such as Ray Kurzweil predict a time is coming when humans will merge with robotics. Why is this important for Anthroposophists? We will explore the end of incarnation, the cessation of fertility, and the return of the moon. Saturday, March 25, 9am-4pm Workshop — Robotics and

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Workshop: Exploring the Future Mysteries of Technology

Waldorf High School of Massachusetts Bay 160 Lexington St., Belmont, MA

Following the lecture of the previous evening (10/27/17), we will explore as a workshop the meaning of "Mechanical Occultism" and how various organizations have tried to explore it. Why must the West develop this? How is MysTech working to cultivate this knowledge? What approaches to "harmonic oscillations" can be fruitful?

Natural Science Section’s Annual Conference 2017

Rudolf Steiner House 1923 Geddes Avenue, Ann Arbor, MI

2017 Natural Science Section in North America Annual Conference Date:  November 8-12, 2017 Where: Rudolf Steiner House in Ann Arbor, MI. Format: Sessions for Section members (and other Class members) will begin the morning of Nov. 9th. The public conference will begin with a keynote the evening of November 9th and run through until noon on Sunday, November 12,

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Spiritual Science and Technology Retreat

Threefold Educational Center 260 Hungry Hollow Rd., Chestnut Ridge, NY

For anyone with a strong connection to anthroposophy who is actively engaged inwardly and/or outwardly with the issue of technology. Retreat Objectives • Deepen our understanding of Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual scientific ideas about technology and human and earthly evolution. • Share perspectives, experiences, and research questions concerning technology with each other. • Consider how individuals

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