Vulcan Beings and the Future Human Body

Exploring the Western Esoteric Path

“Supermen of Vulcan, Supermen of Venus, of Mercury, of the Sun, will unite with earth-existence. But if human beings persist in nothing but opposition to them, earth-existence will pass over into chaos in the course of the next few 1000 years.” — Rudolf Steiner, A Picture of Earth-Evolution in the Future, May 13, 1921, GA 204.

Futurologists such as Ray Kurzweil predict a time is coming when humans will merge with robotics. Rudolf Steiner’s similar statement is the “welding together of Mankind with machines will be a great and important problem for the rest of the earth-evolution.” The Wrong and Right Use of Esoteric Knowledge, Lecture 3, Nov. 25, 1917

We will explore the help being offered by Vulcan beings.

Spiritual Science and Technology Retreat

For anyone with a strong connection to anthroposophy who is actively engaged inwardly and/or outwardly with the issue of technology.

Retreat Objectives

• Deepen our understanding of Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual scientific ideas about technology and human and earthly evolution.

• Share perspectives, experiences, and research questions concerning technology with each other.

• Consider how individuals in the various practical fields of anthroposophy can collaborate together, and with other like-minded people from various backgrounds, to contribute to the ethical use and development of technology for the betterment of humanity.

• Share ideas and plans for future technology-related activities and events.


The retreat begins with registration at 4:00pm on Friday, December 1, and ends at 12:30pm on Sunday, December 3. A complete schedule will be sent to registrants in November. A pre-retreat meeting for First Class members of the School of Spiritual Science on the topic of technology will take place at 2:00pm on Friday, December 1. More details will be provided with the registration information.

Required Preparatory Reading

Foreword and Chapters 1-3 (up to page 102) of Machines and the Human Spirit by Paul Emberson. This book can be ordered from Meadowlark Toys and Sunbridge Books in Chestnut Ridge, NY. Call 845-290-1572 Monday-Saturday, 10:00am-5:00pm, or email info (at)

Fee: Sliding scale, $75 to $125 (includes dinner on Friday, lunch and dinner on Saturday, and snacks). The fee is intended to cover the costs of the conference, which we estimate will average $100 per participant. Please contribute what you can.

To register:

Housing is not included in the conference fee. For information about housing in the Threefold community, visit this page:

Location: Threefold Educational Center, 260 Hungry Hollow Rd., Chestnut Ridge, NY.

For more information, ccontact: Gary Lamb: glamb (at)