Welcome to an unusual website. Here technology’s impact on society will be explored. Plus, the impact that human aspirations will have on future technology will also be explored

Technology relieves us of drudgery labor whether muscular or mental. It can be used constructively or destructively. As technology replaces human labor in various (perhaps all) fields, a question of the meaning of our humanity arises as it has in several movies. What does technology tell us about who we are and what can it tell us about the meaning to our lives? Does technology tell us about who we are by showing us what it is not? Do we better grasp life, the living, and the soul, the consciousness that we share because humanoids are capable only of an artificial life and artificial soul?

Technology has evolved from replacing the horse and ox first with steam engines and then with combustion engines to today’s robotics, computers, and artificial intelligence. What more is coming? Who will decide this? How will it become part of human and earthly life?

The initial focus here will be on resonance and the use of modulated frequencies to construct a viable interface that will prevent a machine from operating without sufficient moral impulse. Today these radiations are electromagnetic but tomorrow they will perhaps be frequencies based on other “media.” Also herein will be philosophical/scientific explorations of light, formative-forces, plus artificial intelligence and consciousness.


Who Am I?

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