Anthroposophical Society in Greater Boston, October 2017

Slides: Rudolf Steiner’s Surprising View of the Future    Video

Slides: Workshop: Exploring the Future Mysteries of Technology   Video

Annual General Meeting of the Anthroposophical Society (Phoenix) 2017

Realizing Mechanical Occultism in America

For the Rest of Earthly Evolution

The Role of Technology in Human Evolution

Portland Oregon Lecture June 2017

Seattle June 2017 Foundations for a Moral Technology

Parts 1 and 2 Seattle 2016

Parts 3 and 4 Seattle 2016

Seattle Vulcan Supermen

Portland Workshop Jun2017 Merging Through Rhythms and Ethers

Portland Mythology

BerkTac Branch Workshop Mar2017 Merging Through Rhythms and Ethers

CR Tech Retreat 2016

Seattle Lecture Dec 2016

Ann Arbor Lecture Nov2016

Mankinds Destiny with Machines

The Human Double


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