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Faculty Lectures:

Below are PDF versions of lectures previously delivered. You may download these for your research and private consumption. Appropriate attribution should be offered if further used. Donations are always welcomed.

The attempt was made to render slides that could be read and understood. However, this was not fully achieved. PDF flattens animations and the lecture script is not visible. Even when one can follow the slides, the “color” is lost.

Also, several lectures and parts of a workshop were recorded and uploaded to YouTube. Click HERE to view the lecture Rudolf’s Steiner’s Surprising View of the Future or HERE to view the corresponding workshop. 

Michaelmas Address for the Boston Branch, 7Nov2023, 10 minutes,

Interview with Anthroposophicum hosted by Richard Cooper, 3Nov2023, AI, Preparing the Future, Loosening the Etheric Body, Freedom, and the need for spiritual science.

Chasing Away Evil, A Halloween Tradition, RSB Chicago Webinar, 28Oct2023, (4) Chasing Away Evil, A Halloween Tradition by Andrew Linnell. – YouTube

Loosening One’s Etheric Body, 29Sep2023, Front Range Anthroposophical Cafe, Front Range Anthroposophical Cafe – FRAC : Andrew Linnell (9/29/23) on Vimeo (

Anthroposophy’s Grasp of Technology, 15Aug2023. Presented online for the Festival That Good May Become in Winnipeg.  (2) Anthroposophy’s Grasp of Technology – YouTube

Has AI Come of Age? Do We Give AI the Keys to the Car?, April 15, 2023. (1) Has AI Come of Age? If So, Do We Give Him or Her the Keys? Presentation by Andrew Linnell – YouTube

Sacred Geometry as a Path to the Astral World. 19Nov2022. (1) “Sacred Geometry as Path to the Astral World”. Online presentation by Andrew Linnell. – YouTube

Transhumanism in the Light of Anthroposophy. (1) Transhumanism in the Light of Anthroposophy – Online presentation by Andrew Linnell – YouTube

Michaelmas Address to for the Faust Branch, Sacramento, CA. 29Sep2021. Michaelmas Address 29Sep2021 

MysTech 2021 Conference, August 12-15, online. What Man Speaks to the Stars.

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MysTech 2020 Conference, August 13-16, online.

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MysTech Conference 2019 Lectures (not all are posted yet)

Recent Lectures by Andrew Linnell

July 9: Front Range Anthroposophical Cafe. 35-minute talk on the New Yoga to be developed: Refined Breathing.



The Heresy of Leonardo’s Virgin of the Rocks


Anthroposophical Society in Florida annual Conference in the Canterbury Retreat Center in Oviedo, FL February 21-23, 2020. Andrew Linnell as guest speaker presented


Montpelier, VT. 1620 Center Rd.

28 (TU) Lecture: 7-9 pm The Future of Our Double



Chicago, IL. 4249 North Lincoln Avenue, The Branch.

25 (Fri) Lecture: 7 – 9 pm The Activity of Spiritual Beings within Technology 

26 (Sat) Workshop: 9:30am – 3:30pm The Activity of Spiritual Beings within Technology Workshop

26 (Sat) Lecture: 7 – 9 pm Early Christian Esotericism revealed in Leonardo da Vinci’s Virgin of the Rocks

Lectures by Gopi Krishna Vijaya

History of Technology:

Technology does not crop up from mere utility, but it is drawn out systematically from the human organism, step by step. A description of this relationship from Ancient Greece to modern day.

Computing Technology and Thinking:

Discussion of the origin of computing, and its relationship to thought in general. Restrictions of Boolean algebra, and the relation between this algebra and mechanical/economic realities.

Grasping Technology through Thought:

Rediscovering the thought process that is needed to handle technology. The different realms of human, animal, plant and mineral, and where the technological revolution fits in. Observing inner changes due to using technology that one needs to first recognize, then offset.

Moving Forward; In-reach:

A path for further research of putting technology on a moral basis. Researchers who have worked in this field, and their contributions. References for material that need to be studied and pursued in order to take this forward. Internal exercises.

Short Summary video of conference

A short summary video of all the activities in the conference, including the watch workshop and domino exercises, coupled with reflections from participants.

More Lectures by Andrew Linnell

Amherst, MA. Hartsbrook Waldorf School.

Oct. 7 (Sun) Lecture: 3 – 5 pm The Role of the West for the Future Human Body

June 2018

Austin, TX.  Eurythmy Hall, Austin Waldorf School

June 15 (Fri) Lecture: Friday June 15, 2018 7:30 – 9 pm.  Renaissance 2.0

June 16 (Sat) Workshop: Saturday June 16, 2018 9 am – 1 pm.  Austin Workshop June 2018 Exploring the Future Mysteries of Technology

Toronto, ON June 1 & 2, 2018  Toronto 2018 Flyer

June 1 (Fri)  Lecture: Future of Human Body and the Work of the Vulcans

June 2 (Sat) Toronto Workshop June 2018

December 2017

New York City Branch of the Anthroposophical Society

16 (Sat)      Vulcan Beings and the Future of the Human Body, Exploring the Western Esoteric Path, 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM, NYC Branch, 138 West 15th Street, NY, NY 10011, Telephone: 212-242-8945

Lecture Archive

To Anthroposophical Society in Greater Boston

Annual General Meeting of the Anthroposophical Society (Phoenix) 2017

Realizing Mechanical Occultism in America

For the Rest of Earthly Evolution

The Role of Technology in Human Evolution

Portland Oregon Lecture June 2017

Seattle June 2017 Foundations for a Moral Technology

Parts 1 and 2 Seattle 2016

Parts 3 and 4 Seattle 2016


Eugenics Lecture 2015

Quantum Physics (under construction)

Light and Color

Rudolf Steiner Lectures on Technology

About Rudolf Steiner

Through the generosity of James Stewart and the Rudolf Steiner Archive, the following important lectures appear here:

The Michael Culture of the Future (The Ancient Yoga Culture and the New Yoga Will)

Preparing for the Sixth Cultural Epoch

Concerning Electricity

The Elemental World and the Future of Mankind

Prometheus Saga

Links to key books at

Materialism and the Task of Anthroposophy

Individual Spirit Beings and the Undivided Foundation of the World (especially Part 3) from The Reappearance of Christ in the Etheric

The Challenge of the Times (introduces the concept of Mechanical Occultism in lecture 3)

The Temple Legend

The Karma of Vocation

The Fall of the Spirits of Darkness

Geographic Medicine and the Mysteries of the Double

Three Streams in the Evolution of Mankind

Theosophy of the Rosicrucian

From the Contents of Esoteric Classes

Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts: From Nature to Sub-Nature

The Apocalypse of St. John

Inner Impulses of Evolution, The Mexican Mysteries, The Knights Templar

The Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature

Universe Earth and Man

The Mystery of the Second Coming of Christ